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This Resource Center provides extensive information including: Education, Documentation, Marketing, and Medicare Billing for our product lines.  This page also includes the login location for our Dealers to process orders.

New Products - Dr Zen Shoes

Dr Zen is in the process of enhancing their entire line of diabetic shoes.  They have made changes to their existing styles and have added new styles.  Many more changes will be made over the next few months.  Here is a summary of the changes that are now available: 

  • New Styles
    • Betty - Casual Shoe - Women
    • Victoria - Casual Shoe - Women
    • Lori - Athletic Shoe - Women - New White w/Blue Trim
    • Jordan - Athletic Shoe - Men & Women
    • Max - Athletic Shoe - Men & Women
    • Charles Two Tone - Boat Shoe - Men

  • Style Changes
    • Melissa - Redesign - See Beige
    • Aries - Athletic Shoe - Velcro now with 3 Straps
    • Gemini - Athletic Shoe - Velcro now with 3 Straps
    • Storm - Athletic Shoe - Velcro now with 3 Straps
    • Lori - Athletic Shoe - Velcro now with 3 Straps
For More information visit our Diabetic Shoes webpage.

●  Download the
New Shoe Flyer that you can use to market the new shoes, until the updated Catalog is available.

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Diabetic Shoe - Information
   Education No. Pages
Shoe Fitter Training Guide 56
Dr Zen - Sizing Chart - NEW 12
Toe Fillers - LEA 7
Pedorthist Education Website
American Diabetes Association Website
Medline Plus Diseases & Conditions Website
National Diabetes Education Program Website
   Billing & Order Processing  
Diabetic Shoe Billing Info.  Website
Marketing Ideas 1
Dr Zen - Complete Shoe Catalog 32
Dr Zen - Shoe Brochure 2
Display Racks for Shoes Website
Display Racks for Shoes Website
Shoe Fitting Stool Website
Shoe Fitting Bench with Mirrors Website
Medicare Documentation Requirements 3
Medicare Requirement - In Person Fitting and Delivery 1
Rx Diabetic Shoes & Inserts 1
Rx Gauntlets 1
Gauntlets - Medicare Policy 2
Custom Inserts SADMERC (PDAC) Letter 2
Pre-fab Inserts SADMERC (PDAC) Letter 2
Certificate of Fitting Form 1
Foot Evaluation Form 1

Back Braces - Information
   Education No. Pages
Understanding Back Pain Video
Wearing the Cybertech Back Brace Video
Clinical Guidelines & Product Info 3
Medline Plus - Back Pain Website
Cybertech Website Website
TriMod Features & Benefits 1
   Billing & Order Processing  
Billing Information  Website
Tape Measures  Website
Features & Benefits 1
Cybertech - Product Catalog 36
Cybertech - Product Information 1
Cybertech - Product Overview Brochures 2
Fitting Guide Poster (20" x 30") 1
L0637 - Protégé System - Brochure - NEW 2
L0637 - TriMod System Plus - Brochure 2
L0631 - Passport System - Brochure - NEW 2
L0631 - Premium Plus - Brochure 2
L0627 - Pathway LS - Brochure - NEW 2
L0627 - Flex Power Plus - Brochure 2
Rx Form 1
Delivery & Warranty Form  1
Letter of Medical Necessity 1
SADMERC (PDAC) Letter - TriMod  1
SADMERC (PDAC) Letter - Premium Plus Plus  1
SADMERC (PDAC) Letter - Flex Power Plus  1

Knee Braces - Information
   Education No. Pages
Medline Plus - Knee Pain Website
   Billing & Order Processing  
Billing Information Website
Rx Form 1
Delivery & Warranty Form 1
Letter of Medical Necessity 1

VitalWear Systems - Information
Product Overview 2
VITALWEAR Website Website
Quick Guide To Setup 1
Users Manual 15
Billing Information Website
Rx Form 1
Letter of Medical Necessity 1
   Education - Video's  
Setting up the VitalWrap System Video
VitalWrap System Testimonial Video
Priming the VitalWrap System Video
Back Wrap Setup Video
Universal Wrap Setup Video
Knee Wrap Setup Video
Foot and Ankle Wrap Setup Video
Hip Wrap Setup Video
Shoulder Wrap Setup Video
Cervical Wrap Setup Video
Wrist Wrap Setup Video
Hand Wrap Setup Video
Cap Wrap Setup Video

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